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Why use Organic SEO rather than Paid Advertising?

Search Engine Optimization Northern IrelandAt SEO Services NI we are focused on being Organic SEO specialists. The definition of Organic SEO is that it is a term used to describe how people find your company using search engines like Google, naturally without adverting. Google uses an algorithm that analyses over 200 different aspects of your website and the other websites that yours is connected to in order to determine how important your website is and where it should come on it’s list.

Organic search engine optimization tweaks aspects of your website and it’s connections to other websites in order to improve your website’s ranking on Google’s list. We use organic seo best practices to ensure the best results for our clients. Each search term (what a potential customer types into Google) has different merits, such as the popularity of the term in one location, whether the search term is becoming more or less popular, for example. Different businesses will target different search terms (also known as keywords) that apply more to their particular business.

From a business perspective it is almost always correct to say that organic search engine optimization is more beneficial than pay-per-click advertising. The main reason for this is that most people will skip past the adverts at the top of a Google search and look at the first five to ten organic results to find what they want. Another reason is that pay-per-click advertising costs the client company every time a person engages their advert. Organic SEO on the other hand takes a longer time build up but accumulates more visitors as it builds. This method is the chosen method by many website administrators as it gives a larger return in the middle to long term with the same level of investment.


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Keyword Research

First we analyse your website and find the best keywords to use to boost your organic SEO.


Keyword Optimization

Then we configure your website to rank to those keywords in google and other search engines. This includes writing content articles for your website that are optimized for the keywords we have selected, making your website more attractive to search engines. This results in a higher ranking of your website for those keywords when people are searching for them, which leads to more customers and more sales. 



Then we establish links to your site from other websites, this shows search engines like google that your website is more important put your adwords campaign live here we micro-monitor your results and if necessary and within your budget we can tweak the keywords as we move through the duration of your campaign thus resulting in more sales or leads for your website.

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