Why Use SEO Services NI?

 SEO Service Ni has a proven track record of boosting visitors to our client’s websites and, as a result, increasing the turnover of their businesses. Coming up on the first page of Google and other search engines guarantees more visitors to your website.  We pride ourselves on providing return-on-investment for our clients and working with them to resolve any issues they are having with their online presence.  We provide a comprehensive service that covers organic SEO, pay-per-click advertising, social media integration, website development (especially for mobile devices), business video production and more.  Our experience with our clients provides us with the knowledge and expertise to increase the bottom line for any future business partners we work with.


 Will My Website Qualify For the Service?

 The simple answer is yes, we can work with any website we are given access to. Although every website is different and is configured differently we can work with it, it also may be the case that a website needs updating to maximise turnover from a business’s online presence.  Half of Google searches now talk place on a mobile phone, so a website that does not work on mobile devices is missing a sizable percentage of the market.  We work with businesses to maximize the potential of their online activity to ensure maximum reach of the market place.


 How long does it take to see result?

SEO is a long game. It takes time to build up the level of visitors to your site and it takes effort to stay there.  Depending on the business it can take a longer or shorter period of time. If your business is place specific (located in one area and searching for only local customers) the results are slightly quicker. Usually we see our client’s numbers increasing from 8-12 weeks, but the real benefits become visible at around six months.  If one of our clients wishes to utilise pay-per-click advertising then the benefits can be seen much more quickly and pay-per-click can be performed in conjunction with organic SEO work (more visitors without advertising). SEO should be viewed as a rent to be on the ‘high street of the internet’ so that your customers can continually see your business and know you are there.  SEO Services Ni has the experience and expertise to put your business on the ‘high street of the internet’ and keep you there.


 How do I integrate SEO and PPC activity?

Jellyfish takes a holistic approach to digital marketing, and part of doing this is finding opportunities for channels to support each other in achieving campaign goals. As an agency, our client teams integrate activity to ensure we reach the right audience, with the right message, at the right time. 

So, what might SEO and PPC synergy look like, for example?

Data from paid campaigns can be used to inform organic keyword strategies.

Organic search can be used to build-out brand Knowledge Graph listings to defend brand results and CTR against competitor bidding.

Inbound marketing activity within your Search Engine Optimization campaign gives us the opportunity to build highly segmented cookie pools for accurate retargeting via paid media. 


Is SEO all about link building?

Google’s emphasis on backlinks as a ranking factor may have slightly reduced in recent years. That’s not to say that they are no longer important – they are! However, it is more the case that other factors have become increasingly valuable, and therefore balanced out the contribution of links within your overall organic performance. As such, your SEO strategy should still strive to produce great content that attracts high-quality backlinks and user engagement. Focus your efforts on ‘earning' links rather than 'building’ them by taking a user-centric approach to your campaign.


What is most important – technical SEO, content or backlinks?

In the world of SEO content reigns king. Search engines reward websites publishing great content, even if the website is riddled with faults. Content helps search engines understand which search queries your website relates to – the most important part of organic search. Technical optimization then allows webmasters to structure sites in ways that allow search engines to find and prioritize content. Technical optimization can also resolve any penalty devaluations affecting the organic performance of your website.

Backlinks are important too, especially from established and relevant websites. If a site has many authoritative backlinks, it suggests the site is publishing great content – exactly what Google wants to serve to its users. So, in short: content is a necessity to gain visibility within organic search results; technical optimization and backlink acquisition further helps improve the quality signals associated with your website, ensuring that search engines favor its content in response to a user’s search query.


What is ‘white-hat’ Search Engine Optimization? 

‘White-hat' SEO is a term used for ethical strategies, tactics, and practices that improve your organic search visibility. Focusing on a human audience rather than search engines, white-hat SEO maintains the integrity of your website (and your business), while abiding by the rules and policies of search engines.

Generally, white-hat SEO is the opposite of ‘black-hat SEO’, which was very prevalent until 2011. Black-hat SEO uses aggressive SEO practices that usually disobey search engine guidelines and focus purely on search engines, rather than real people.


Will my organic search performance be rewarded by Google if I also spend in PPC?

Running Paid Search campaigns and building your quality score will not have any direct effect on your SEO performance. PPC can, however, complement your SEO strategy where you have less organic visibility, or help dominate SERPs with your brand presence. If your page ranks in the top five organic results and you have a prominent ad placement in the top three paid listings, you’ll begin to collect a greater number of impressions. This can have a positive effect on brand awareness, which means an increase in brand searches and ultimately, more direct traffic, which tends to have a higher conversion rate than any other marketing channel.


How long will it take to see results with SEO?

In most circumstances, SEO is viewed as a medium to a long-term channel. The time that it will take to experience an uplift in performance will often depend on your starting point; was your website built in a search-friendly manner? Does it experience technical barriers and obstacles? Has your domain ever been penalized for breaching Webmaster Guidelines? Has any previous search engine optimization activity ever occurred and, if so, what did it consist of? How much time are you willing to invest into your monthly efforts? All these variables can play a part.

During the onboarding process, Jellyfish will undertake analysis to empower the team to build the right plan for your campaign. This will also help us gauge how long we believe it will take to begin achieving your campaign goals and objectives. This will be shared with you via a detailed project roadmap and discussed with you during client meetings and calls.


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